About JazzList

JazzList began as NJJazzList in 2008, at the time a simple one-page website to help jazz artists promote performances in New Jersey. It wasn't long before one of the venues suggested an email blast be added to reach more jazz fans. That also helped us to promote an increasing number of events in surrounding states. As JazzList continued to grow, our weekly email blast was soon reaching thousands of jazz fans. Several prominent news articles at the time cited NJJazzList.com as the number one source of information for the local jazz community in New Jersey. We are very proud of that.

In recent years, NJJazzList has provided space for low-cost banner ads to connect jazz fans directly to the region's best venues. We are grateful to have all the best venues represented and appreciate their support, as well as the support of the players and individuals whose contributions (financial and otherwise) have helped the website to grow with new features. One particular feature that has improved our email blasts employs some of the industry's best and most secure email software tools (Mandrill) so that our weekly email blasts and email promotions arrive safely and on time.

In early April 2015, a malicious hacker or program (we still don't know which) took down NJJazzList.com and we used suggestions from the community to create a new mobile-friendly website. Today, JazzList continues to grow and remains the best comprehensive resource for finding jazz in the NJ/NY/PA/CT area. Through our online calendar, popular weekly email blast and social media, we reach jazz players of many styles, fans, the top jazz venues, and key media. Our goal remains to support all live jazz in clubs, schools, at festivals and in theaters.

Thank you for your continued support of this great American artform. -Andy McDonough