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People ask us frequently, so here are the answers to some of the most common questions about our advertising:

  • Who are we? connects jazz musicians, players, educators, and fans in an online community to promote jazz-centric events. These are primarily live jazz performances but have also included lectures, CD releases, benefits, and other cultural events of interest to the jazz community. As you've probably noticed, the jazz community is an eclectic mix of affluent, culturally savvy, academic and just plain nice people. Visitors to our website over the past 10 years have subscribed to receive a regular email blast that recaps events and news that impacts the jazz community. It's important to note that all subscribers have specifically requested our information and newsletter and most are proven ticket buyers--responders who are active members of our musical community. Our email list is powered by SparkPost so guaranteed to clean and highly deliverable. Our web calendar and email blasts reach just under thousands of enthusiastic members of the jazz and cultural community each week along with a growing number of our friends on social media.
  • Why advertise on

    Honestly, we don't get this question very often. When we do, we say that our subscribers are jazz fans, players and educators who are looking for live jazz. Maybe just as important, all of our subscribers have requested our email. We don't use compiled, rented lists. As a result, we have great open rates and, because we are devoted to information about jazz (and not other styles), our subscribers tend to hang around, read our news notes and click on our ads. Now, with so many people using mobile devices, our redesigned and mobile-friendly website and online calendar are easy to check out on the go.
  • How do banner ads work?

    Banner ads are a great way to reach your fans or introduce yourself to new ones. Banner ads are also especially effective in reaching potential ticket and music buyers. Ads typically run for a month on the NJJazzList website and are featured in each of our email blasts during that month. Jazz fans looking for more information click on ads that send them directly through to your website, venue or sales website.
  • Who will see my ad?

    Banner ads are prominently inserted on our home page and online jazz calendar, as well as in every email blast. As a result, new vistors to will see your ad, as well as our regular subscribers. We are always promoting the website, and here are several email blasts each month. In addition, we frequently include banners on our Facebook page and now include selected ad banners in our communications with the media and jazz venues. That's a lot of coverage.
  • What should I know about banner ad design?

    Advertising pros will tell you that ad banners are all about getting people to click on them. To make that happen, your ad should be eye catching. The best banner ads use images and bold, clear lettering that gets right to the point. That is what gets the click. If your ad looks like an old-style business card with too much text and detail, or it's too hard to read, users will tend to pass it by. So, think bold and get the click!
  • What graphics do I need?

    NJJazzList banner ads come in two standard sizes: 300x150 and 900x200 pixels and something less that 100dpi (to insure that your ad loads quickly). By keeping ads in standard sizes they can be easily inserted in different locations on the website and in our emails. Ads can be .gif, .jpg or .png file formats. If you don't know where to start with creating an ad, we may be able to help. Here are some samples of the sizes:

  • What can be in my ad?

    Really, anything tasteful. However, your ads must be about jazz-centric events, people, venues, CDs or media releases. Image quality must be good. There are just a few restrictions: images that are sideways, upside down, don’t take up the entire space of the chosen image size, strobe, or flash can be distracting, so we have to draw a line there. Similarly, images that are blurry, unclear, unrecognizable, or contain illegible text do not help your cause or the website. We'll help to fix problems like that before ads are posted.
  • What do ads cost?

    We like to discount for multiple insertions, benefits and non-profits. We know that local musicians don't have the resources of major performing venues, so we have options that hopefully work for everyone. Please contact us about available ad space, rates, discounts, and how can work for you.